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Botanical Collection

Our Botanical Collection consists of two different options-

A small, glass cylinder vase

 A concrete Planter

Each Botanical has a carefully selected range of succulents, cacti and other small house plant to complement the specific style of vessel/vase

Stylish, clean and modern, our botanical collection is a wonderful option for someone looking for something a bit different and is a perfect alternative to sending flowers.

With our hand picked collection, we have been concious to have a variety of styles so that there is something there to suit all tastes and environments.

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Concrete Planter
$55.00 NZD
Ex Tax: $55.00 NZD
Concrete Planter Stunning concrete planter, filled with a selection of mini house plants and succ..
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Potted Orchid
$55.00 NZD
Ex Tax: $55.00 NZD
Brass Pot Orchid $55 Stunning orchid in a brass pot. Perfect alternative to sending flowers th..
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Small Glass Botanical
$35.00 NZD
Ex Tax: $35.00 NZD
Small Glass Botanical Potted suculent in a cylinder vase-layered with pumice, soil and rocks and ..
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